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San Francisco DUI FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What does it cost to hire a good San Francisco DUI attorney?
The price range varies considerably based on the quality of the San Francisco DUI defense lawyer and the circumstances of your situation. If you have prior DUI convictions or if there are special circumstances related to your arrest such as a traffic accident, injuries, speeding, etc., it could cost more simply because it requires more time to work on an effective defense strategy.

Can I represent myself or should I hire a DUI lawyer in San Francisco?
Like everything, you can certainly do it yourself, but doing it yourself isn't like changing the spark plugs in your car yourself. DUI laws are very complex and the benefits of having a drunk driving defense attorney with experience dealing with prosecutors and judges in the San Francisco court system is invaluable.

Which blood alcohol chemical test should I choose?
You're supposed to be given a choice between taking a blood, breath or urine test. In many cases, the police officer will only offer you the breath or blood test because a urine test isn't available. If that's the case, it's not worth arguing about it and you should simply choose one of the other two tests.

If you are sure you are sober and under the legal limit of .08, it's best to take the blood test because that's considered the most accurate. However, if you are concerned you might be over the legal limit, it's best to take a breath or urine test when available.

Also remember that a breath test will only measure alcohol, so if you think you have any illegal substance in your blood stream, the breath test is your best choice.