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San Francisco DUI Lawyer

As the senior partner in the law firm of Kapsack & Bair, LLP, Bruce Kapsack is one of two San Francisco DUI lawyers that leads a team of DUI defense experts and specialists to develop strategies to defend those accused of drunk driving in the San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Kapsack has worked and/or lectured with the foremost experts in DUI across the country including breath experts, pulmonary experts, pharmacologists, the inventor of breath machines, the inventor of field sobriety tests and the top California roadside breath expert.

In addition to his work as a practicing DUI lawyer in San Francisco, Mr. Kapsack teaches other DUI attorneys throughout California and the United States his novel developments in science, law and courtroom technique. Most, if not all of the DUI defense lawyers in California have been trained by or read one of Mr. Kapsack's drunk driving defense books or attended one of his lectures on DUI defense.

Mr. Kapsack is the first California DUI lawyer to:

  • Pass the American Bar Association's Board Certifications Exam for DUI Specialization
  • Write for California Drunk Driving Law (James Publishing) and California Drunk Driving Defense (Thomson-West Publishing)
  • Author Supplemental Editions of California Drunk Driving Defense
  • Become an Instructor of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) Under the Guidelines of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Qualify as a DRE Under DrugEnsic Systems
  • Own the Draeger 7410 and 7110 Breathalyzers and the Intoxilizer 500 Breath Machine Designed to Measure Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • To Depose the Inventor of Field Sobriety Tests